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TieCare's medical insurance policies are comprehensive, flexible and affordable. They are available to both individuals and groups of all sizes. TieCare can tailor its benefits plans to a group's specific requirements; this ability sets TieCare apart from most insurance providers.

Customized benefits program can be designed with low deductibles and enhanced benefits plans, or can be made more affordable with increased deductibles and reduced benefits. TieCare's experienced worldwide team of field representatives can help you design a plan that's just right for your group.

TieCare's plans focus on providing coverage to anyone living or working outside of his/her home country and to local nationals seeking coverage that is not available through their home country.

Geographic Coverage Areas

Worldwide - No geographic restrictions; complete coverage anywhere in the world, including the United States and Canada.

International Plus - Complete medical treatment anywhere in the world, with the exception of only covering emergencies in the United States and Canada.

International - Complete medical treatment anywhere in the world, with the exception of the United States and Canada.

Please note that for International Plus and International coverage, some specific Restricted Areas, such as China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, require co-payments. (Restricted areas are subject to change).

In addition to these three base Geographic Coverage Areas, TieCare can customize a plan that restricts coverage to certain regions or only to the country of residence.

While rarely are any plan designs exactly alike, most TieCare groups have the following medical insurance benefits:

  • $1,000,000 annual maximum benefit
  • Coverage for accidents and illnesses
  • Emergency medical evacuation and air transportation
  • Prescription drug benefit
  • Access to discounted U.S prescriptions through a pharmacy network
  • Inpatient and outpatient coverage
  • Maternity benefits
  • Well baby care benefits
  • Dependent coverage to age 26
  • Chronic conditions covered
  • Approved pre-existing conditions covered
  • Maximum age for enrollment 65, renewal to age 75
  • Deductible and co-payment options available to reduce premiums
  • VSP discount plan included for worldwide coverage

Major Exclusions and limitations:

  • Charges in Excess of Usual and Customary
  • Cosmetic and Elective Surgery
  • Addictive Conditions
  • Co-payments required on all U.S. out of network treatment
  • Co-payments required in some restricted areas (See information above on Restricted Areas).
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