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TieCare works with select distributors, brokers and agents to serve our clients around the world. We support our distributors with the TieCare service team below. Please contact one of the sales reps below for new business opportunities and bringing TieCare to your school.

For pre-authorization, emergency assistance, and claims/customer care questions, please contact GBG Assist.

Mark Tomaszewski
President, TieCare International
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Melissa Lizotte
Customer Account Executive
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Marie Nguyen
Business Development Manager
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David Lim
Serving: Southeast Asia
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Nil Karli
Serving: Turkey and surrounding countries
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Eva Lopez
Vice President, GBG Assist / Member Services
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Donn Osterlund
Serving: the NESA region, including the Middle East, the Arabian Gulf, India, and Southwest Asia
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Frank Cappuccio
Serving: Latin America, including the Caribbean, Central America, Colombia, and Venezuela
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Jimmy Nguyen
Serving: Africa
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Stephen Boush
Serving: Southeast Asia, including Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, South Korea, and Vietnam
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Marina Lee
Serving: China
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Daniel Tao
Serving: Asia Pacific and China
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GBG Assist
24/7 Customer Service
USA/Canada Toll-free: +1.866.914.5333
Worldwide Collect: +1.786.814.4125
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